Discover how God loves you and calls you to love others!

About Us

Our Birth...

Our adventure began in the spring of  2008   as a dozen Lutherans began to meet at Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Center - committed to the message of God's welcoming inclusiveness. There was great joy in being free to "come as you are, and be who you are".  Free to welcome and serve in response to what GOD has done for us.

Growing up....

From a small room in a cottage, to the Camp dining hall, to now sharing a church space in Oregon...we have been moving to be accessible and available to our surrounding community.   Beginning as a small "worshiping community", to a "mission church", we are now the newest congregation of the Northern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.


We are entering  a new stage in our church life; sharing a pastor with St. James Lutheran of Forreston.  We are excited to continue discover new ways to creatively and meaningfully grow.  Consider joining us on our journey!

  • Creating diverse connections within a community of believers
  • Seeking new opportunities to serve our community
  • Committed to welcoming ALL into an inclusive church community
  • Finding opportunities for personal growth ...for all to feel welcomed and freed to serve. 

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