Discover how God loves you and calls you to love others!

God's Work, Our Hands



We are called to Welcome ALL, Grow in our faith, and Serve God's people!



Education is part of our mission to grow in our faith. Our educational opportunities rotate based on the season. Please check the calendar for the current opportunities!

LGBTQIA+ Affirming Community


At Freedom Lutheran, while we are imperfect humans, we strive to welcome all people as children of God. We are currently working on a process to be a community that is intentionally affirming of the LGBTQIA+ community. This process is called Reconcilling in Christ (RIC).




There are many resources out there to help us explore our experiences of God through Scripture, prayer, and reflection. Here are a few we recommend:


  1. God Pause Luther Seminary
  2. Richard Rohr
  3. Henri Nouwen
  4. United Church of Christ


  1. Living Lutheran
  2. Gather Magazine (subscription required)


  1. ReconcilingWorks
  2. PFLAG of Sauk Valley 



We gather to worship God each week at 5:45 pm. Worshiping God is the primary reason we exist as a community. Each week we celebrate the Lord's presence in our lives and the lives of all the Christians who have come before us by joining in the meal of Holy Communion. 

We gather regularly for worship in the building of the First Presbyterian Church in Oregon. We share a pastor with St. James Lutheran in Forreston, so on occasion, we move worship for special services. Please check the calendar for such changes!



Need a simple, low stress way to build faith practices with your family? Try Faith5. Here are the five steps.


  1. Share the high and low points of your day with each other!
  2. Read Scripture together. Pick your favorite story or try a new one! If you are unsure of where to start, try the Gospel of Mark.
  3. Talk about how the Bible story connects with your highs and lows.
  4. Pray for each other and anything else you wish to hold in prayer.
  5. Come up with a way to bless each other each day! If you want a place to start, try making the sign of a cross on each other's forehead and saying, "God bless you and keep you!"

Faith Action In the Home was developed by Faith Inkubators

Faith 5